"Our mission is to bring the freshest made-from-scratch food from all over the globe to our guests. When you taste our food, we want to create a great memory with the flavor or bring you back to a place of a happy time in your life, Grandma’s house or maybe it was your greatest vacation ever when you went to Thailand. We do different specials everyday. I If you have is a favorite dish, just ask, I will try to make it one of our upcoming specials. Who knows, it may become a permanent menu option, like the fish taco and the sashimi poke did. Our kitchen may be in the back of a gas station, but we are far from gas station food. Cooking is our passion, and we look forward to cooking for you."

Fruit Salads
Thai Basil Soft Roll with Shrimp
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My wife and I have lived in this neighborhood for about 7 years. I would come inside to this gas station and see the kitchen space. I would always wonder why they never opened anything in it. When the restaurant I was working for closed down due to COVID, I saw this opportunity with my wife being from Thailand and a fabulous cook of Thai food and my experience cooking many other types of cuisine. We considered the possibility of bringing something very unique and special to “gas station food.” We have speciality entrées and a deli menu with a great variety of fresh deli sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. The interesting part of what we do and what makes us a truly fusion kitchen is our revolving menu. We have different currys, soups, and specials from all over the globe. One day we will be offering a Chicken Cacciatore, the next day a lamb, beef, and chicken Couscous, and the day after that a Barramundi Veracruz. I am always open for suggestions on specials people would like to see offered. We also offer custom familly or dinner for two, with a little notice of course. Thank you for checking us out. We can't wait for you to taste some of Rose's Kitchen flavor.

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